[Video Call Event] P1Harmony - 2nd Photobook [Summer]

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We are very excited to announce that we are collaborating with P1Harmony to bring 60 winners a chance for a 1:1 fancall with one of the members and receive a signed photobook from that member. As you will have plenty of time to make this purchase, please thoroughly read the details below or swipe through the slides for more information! Placing orders without the correct information could lead to cancellation and/or ineligibility of the event.

Basic Details:

- Each winner will be selected for a 1:1 video call and autograph session with (1) P1Harmony member.

- 60 winners will be selected. 10 winners per member.

- Each photobook purchase is equal to (1) entry into the fancall.

- You will be eligible for entry by ordering P1HARMONY - 2ND PHOTOBOOK [SUMMER] on Choice Music’s online website within the entry period.

Sales Period:

September 8th (Thurs) 10AM PST - September 10th (Sat) 5PM PST

September 8th (Thurs) 1PM EST - September 10th (Sat) 8PM EST

Any orders placed after the cut-off period will not be eligible for participation.

Winners will be Announced:

September 14th (Wed) 5pm PST

September 14th (Wed) 8pm EST

Event Date:

KST - 11/20/22 1:00 PM
EST - 11/19/22 11:00 PM
PST - 11/19/22 8:00 PM

Entry Details:

- 60 winners (10 winners per P1Harmony member) will be selected at random to participate in the event. By being selected, you will have the opportunity to speak to 1 out of the 6 members for 2 minutes.

- You can decide which member you’d like to speak with for the 1:1 video call. When placing an order, choose the version of the respective member from the drop down menu.

- While selecting a member guarantees you entry into the drawing of the video call event with that specific member, there is only one version of the photobook.

  • The 60 winners (10 per P1Harmony member) will receive one signed photobook based on their selected member. Winners who have purchased multiple photobook(s) will receive the remaining photobook(s) unsigned.
  • All other participants who were not selected for the fan call will receive their purchased photobook(s) unsigned.

- One photobook purchase equates to one (1) entry into the drawing

  • You can place multiple orders for the same member to increase your chances for that specific member.
  • If you place multiple orders for different members and get selected for one member, you are still eligible to get selected for the other members.

Special Gift with Purchase:

- All orders placed for this event will receive an undisclosed special photocard (1 out of 6) that will be given at random.

- Winners: Winners will receive the photocard mentioned above, but will also have the opportunity to win an additional undisclosed special signed Polaroid (1 out of 12) that will be given at random to only 12 winners.

Required Information for Winners:

  • Full Name
  • Birthday
  • Phone Number
  • KakaoTalk ID
  • E-mail
This information will be requested after the winners have been selected. This information cannot be changed or modified once we have received it. Therefore, please make sure to check that all information is correct. No further action will be taken for selected winners that cannot be contacted by P1Harmony’s team due to incorrect information. No exceptions will be made. If we do not receive a response by the allotted time frame as stated in the winner’s email, a new winner will be selected.
  • Information Regarding KakaoTalk:

    KakaoTalk is a free mobile instant messaging application with free text and free calling features. When registering for KakaoTalk, you will be asked to make a sign-in ID, usually an email, and a KakaoTalk ID. While the sign-in ID is only used to login, the KakaoTalk ID is what’s used to find/search a user. As both are important for their own respective purposes, please keep a record of the information you create. For this event, you will need to provide your KakaoTalk ID. Please make sure to download the app and create an ID prior to placing your order. Links to download are provided below.

    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kakao.talk&hl=en_US

    iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/kakaotalk/id362057947

    For those with existing accounts, your ID can be found by going to the “More” tab (the three (3) circles located on the bottom task bar), clicking on your profile image, and looking under KakaoTalk ID.

    Additional Details and Rules:

    - As we only ship within the US, US territories, and Canada, shipping addresses that are not within these regions will not be eligible for this event and will be canceled and refunded.

    - All sales are final for this event after the entry deadline.

    - Should you wish to cancel your order PRIOR to the deadline shown above, your order will be canceled, and you will no longer be eligible to be selected as a winner for the event.

    - No changes can be made to the required information after submission.

    - Only the selected winner can be present in the room during the video call.

    - No outside requests regarding the signed photobook can be made to the artists.

    - No refunds, rescheduling, or exceptions will be given should there be any technical, network, and/or phone related issues. Should this be the case, Choice Music will not be held liable.

    - There may be the possibility of the event being delayed, rescheduled, or canceled without prior notice due to unforeseen circumstances. Should this be the case, Choice Music will not be held liable.

    - All orders placed for this event will be processed after we have received the shipment of photobooks in its entirety regardless if you were selected as a winner or not. No exceptions will be made.

    - All photobook will be shipped in the condition they were received. Therefore, Choice Music is not liable for any damages/defects to the photobook, opened photobook, missing items, misspelling of names on the photobook, scratches on the protective outer case, etc.

    - Further information will be provided to the selected winners.

    Last and most importantly, we want to give a special thanks to our collaborators who helped us put together our first ever fanmeet with P1Harmony and for always creating opportunities for us. Let’s show out for P1Harmony and give them the love they deserve! We wish all P1ece the best of luck and thank you for participating in this event 💛


    Each Photobook Includes:

    • Photobook : 244 pgs
    • Photo Frame
    • 2 Photocard Sets : 6 ea set
    • Folded Poster Set : 2 ea



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